DISCTOPIA LAUNCHES New Platform Dedicated Exclusively to Independent Music Artists

DISCTOPIA LAUNCHES New Platform Dedicated Exclusively to Independent Music Artists and Streaming

Charlotte, NC (January 25, 2017)- Disctopia, a new app designed to serve the independent (unsigned) music artist and his/her fandom, launched today to provide the first innovative platform solution dedicated to indie streaming. The tech start-up, founded by Patrick Hill, amplifies the indie artist’s reach while allowing each artist to set a price, create artist splits and sell his/her music to directly to users. Disctopia, which is free to download, charges the artist a flat rate of $9.99 a month or $89.99 a year to be included. The app is committed to never placing ads on Artist Pages. All artists get paid weekly and retain 100% commissions and streaming (0.01 per true play collected by Disctopia).

Disctopia founder Patrick Hill saw an immediate need for this platform. “Currently only 2% of the global market is listening to music via streaming. Streaming is a brand new frontier in music taking shape. We want to kick open that door for indie artists to sell their music directly to their fans without a label in the middle of it all,” he shares. “For every artist that is signed, there are dozens making good music that are not. They have significant fan bases. Disctopia represents the next generation of artists,” Hill adds.

With the mission of “to be a company that inspires everyone to become an artist”, they already have several featured artists and boast a user base of over 5,000. Disctopia is different than Soundcloud. The founder believes there is room in the market for both. Soundcloud is mainly a discovery platform and Disctopia is a streaming platform to help monetize artists’ music and be heard.

The app also acts as a music player, syncing your music on your phone, replicating playlists and allowing the user to create new playlists. Disctopia, now available to artists and users worldwide, hopes to inspire artists, innovation, and better define the true financial and fandom success of an unsigned artist.

To download, go to iTunes App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/disctopia/id1162011563?ls=1&mt=8
For more information on Disctopia, visit www.disctopia.com or email Social@disctopia.com

About the Founder
Entrepreneur and visionary Patrick Hill has founded and led several businesses to address complex technological challenges. Patrick currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Disctopia LLC, a burgeoning music platform for artists. He also serves as the Founder and Executive Director of A Cultivated Mindset (ACM), a web and mobile solution delivery firm focused on solving business complexities with technology applications. Prior to launching his businesses, Patrick held several technology positions with Bank of America and was tapped to be a part of the company’s leadership development program. During this program, he was mentored by technology management executives, which helped him refine his business expertise.

A native of Jacksonville, NC, Patrick earned his bachelor’s degree from Livingstone College and MBA from UNC Charlotte. He spends his free time cheering on the Panthers and Hornets with his wife and son in Charlotte.

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