Artglider Offers Free Email Newsletters Service

Artglider is a new company which aims to create easy to use, time saving solutions for musicians, bands and labels to promote their music. Their motto is "Ease your workload, take technology on your side" and the company tries to solve problems faced by musicians, bands and labels with technology.

Artglider developers aim to create tools and services for music industry. According to a note on their website, they say "We mainly work with independent labels and artists all around the world. Other music people such as music writers, festival teams, venues, bloggers, promoters, DJs, radio stations and tour managers find our solutions very fruitful."

The company created their solutions acording to a survey with independent artists who were asked what kind of problems they face and they developed the first four most wanted solutions. They want to continiue developing their future tools according to demand that comes from musicians, bands and labels.

Stuart from the company says they have two things in their minds while developing their tools. The solutions should contain an easy to use technology and they want to bring it to musicians and labels for an affordable price.

One of the solutions they provide is a newsletter / email marketing platform. Mail Engineer is a professional tool you can use for sending newsletters to your fans. "Our newsletter platform will always be free" says Eric from the development team. "We give this tool with a forever free plan. Our aim is to give a great product for free and what we expect in return is to make musicians aware of our technology." The company expects their users to discover also other solutions which are as productive as Mail Engineer.

Artglider's newsletter tool is different from what other companies offer. Artglider doesn't place any logos, links or branding in newsletters, even in free plans. Artglider allows musicians to add 1000 subscribers to their newsletter platform and lets their users send unlimited newsletters to their fans. "Newsletter is the number one tool for any artist who wants to grow their fanbase. Having contacts of your fans puts you in the driver’s seat." adds Michael. Besides their newsletter service, Artglider offers web hosting, physical products fullfillment and mastering services for musicans, bands and labels.

Artglider team believes that their solutions and services will help artists and labels to ease their workload, minimize their problems and create more revenues. The way they want to achieve this goal is technology. It is interesting to see how technology can make things more effective for musicians, bands, labels and all the people in music industry.


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